Organiser of the Aeolus International Competition for Wind Instruments is the Sieghardt Rometsch Stiftung. It is the mission of the Sieghardt Rometsch Stiftung to support talented young musicians.

While there is general awareness in our society for the need to foster young scientific talent, the same is not true for encouraging highly talented young artists. This foundation aims to make a constribution towards redressing the balance between scientific and artistic education. To this end, the foundation focuses on the discovery and support of musical talent in young people, so that "Man shall not neglect himself", as Schiller demanded in his letters of aesthetic education. For music addresses the soul, mind and body in equal measure. It promotes intelligence and self-confidence as much as social behaviour.

The Aeolus International Competition for Wind Instruments is at the centre of the foundation's strategy to encourage the gifted youth. It intends to encourage wind musicians to exceptional achievements, to create for them a yardstick for performance standards, and finally to offer them a platform for public performance.