The 18th International Competition for Wind Instruments 2024 is open to Bassoon, Flute, Clarinet.


The competition rounds are open for public viewing.


The competition will be held from September 10th till September the 15th, 2024 in Düsseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany.


The "Aeolus Competition for Wind Instruments" is open to young soloists of all nationalities born on / or after January 1st, 1996. 


Application must be submitted online via muvac not later than April 30th, 2024. Applications will be open on muvac from January 2024.





The application must be accompanied by:

  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, passport, or other official document
  • a short resume, in German or English detailing the applicant’s artistic career, including instructors, degrees, and / or any prizes, awards, or certificates earned
  • a recent photo

Space for competitors is limited.

Decisions regarding the acceptance of applicants are entirely at the discretion of competition management and are based on the qualifications as evidenced by the biography as outlined under number 6. In case of equal qualifications decisicions are made on the basis of the sequence of registration. Applicants are not entitled to acceptance, and application does not guarantee a place in the competition.


Each applicant, who will be admitted to the competition, will receive a written confirmation of registration no later than 31. May 2024.


Registration fee is EUR 180. After the applicant has received the confirmation of Registration, the registration fee must be transferred by the applicant until May 31st, 2024. Every participant, who will come to Düsseldorf to the competition, will receive EUR 130,00 back, so that their real registration fee will amount to only EUR 50,00.


HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG

IBAN: DE59 3003 0880 0014 3700 05


account Name: Sieghardt Rometsch-Stiftung

reason for payment: Aeolus Competition / Name of applicant.

All payments must be made free of charge. If the fee is to be paid by a person other than the applicant, ensure that the applicant's name is clearly indicated. The registration fee is entirely non refundable. A late payment will result in expulsion from competition.


Piano accompanists will be provided to applicants free of charge. Personal accompanists are allowed at the applicant’s expense. The name of the accompanist must be filled in the application form.


Applicants are responsible for their board and lodging, and that of any persons accompanying them.


Applicants and their accompanists are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the competition.


By submitting an application, the applicant agrees not to accept any engagements, that would conflict with the date and time of the competition.


The organiser of the competition reserves the right to record each performance, all rounds, and the final concert of the competition both acoustically and optically. The records may subsequently be used for publicity purposes. The organiser also reserves the right to grant approval to radio and TV stations to broadcast and to record each performance, all rounds and the final concert of the competition. The applicants are not entitled to claim any financial compensation for the broadcast and/or recording of their performances.


The winners agree to perform in the final concert with no claim of monetary compensation.


The organiser of the competition is not liable for any losses or material damage to the applicants' instruments and personal belongings. By submitting the application, the applicants agree to these terms and conditions, including these of the compulsory programmes and the competition schedule.

The English version is for convenience purposes only and is not legally binding. In case of doubt, please refer to the German version, which is binding.