Arrival and registration are to take place on Monday the 4th of September 2023 between 1 p.m. and 4 the office of the Robert Schumann Hochschule, Fischerstrasse 110, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany

The opening of the competition takes place at 6 p.m. at the Robert Schumann Hochschule. It is expected that all participants will be present.

Late registration will lead to disqualification of the candidate from the com­petition. A registered competitor delayed through no fault of their own may be granted permission to complete by the chairman of the jury, if they arrives before the first round.


For each instrument, the competition will consist of three rounds and the prize winners’ concert. The successful completion of a round con­sti­tutes admission to the next round.

The participants of the prize winners’ concert will be established in the third round. The first three prize winners will be determined on the basis of their concert performance. The names of the competitors to progress to the next round shall be announced by the chairman of the jury following the jury deliberations.

All the rounds and the prize winners’ concert are open to the public.


The order in which competitors are to perform will be determined by drawing lots and will be published on Monday, the 4th of September 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf during the opening ceremony of the competition.

The attendance of competitors and accompanists at this event is mandatory. The performance schedule will be announced by public notice and the times as announced are to be strictly adhered to.


Every participant shall have the opportunity to rehearse. They will be notified of their rehearsal times by the Aeolus competition office at their arrival on Monday, the 4th of September 2023.


The Competition commences on Tuesday, the 5th of September 2023 at 10 a.m.

  • First round: 5th/6th September 2023
  • Second round: 6th / 7th September 2023
  • Third round: 7th / 8th September 2023
  • Orchestra-rehearsal: 9th September 2023
  • Prize winners’ concert: 10th September 2023

Candidates are required to inform them­selves in person of their performance schedule.


Candidates are required to be present at the venue at least thirty minutes before their performance.

A late appearance will lead to disqualification. If the competitor is delayed through no fault of their own, the chairman of the jury may permit further pariticipation, if the progression of the contest is not materially delayed or interrupted. The prize winners’ concert must not be affected by such a delay.


The prize winners’ concert shall take place with the

Düsseldorfer Symphoniker

at 11 a.m. on Sunday, the 10th of September 2023

in the Tonhalle Düsseldorf

The price winnesr' concert will be recorded by the radiostation Deutschlandfunk - Media Partner of the Aeolus Internaiontal Competition for Wind Instruments and broadcasted soon therafter.

The prize winners' concert will be recorded and broadcasted worldwide via Livestreaming in the internet.

The competitors, whose participation in the prize winners' concert was determined in the third round and the winner of the special prize for the best interpretation of contemporary music, are required to attend the concert as soloists and to receive their prize in person. The awards ceremony shall take place after the concert.