At the 12th International Aeolus winds competition, there was no first prize this time. The eight-man jury awarded two second places after the Preisträgerkonzert in the Tonhalle Düsseldorf. They went to the French saxophonist Eudes Bernstein and to the Russians Matvey Demin. The 24-year-old flutist also won the audience price. Demin has been solo flutist in the Tonhalle Zurich orchestra for three years and has most recently studied with Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht in Munich.

The second prize-winner, Eudes Bernstein, is 23 years old and still studies with Prof. Claude Delangle in Paris. The third prize of the Aeolus competition went to the clarinetist Christoph Schneider. The 28-year-old has been the first soloklarinettist for the Duisburg Philharmonic since last year. Schneider, who most recently studied with Prof. Ralph Manno in Cologne, also won the special prize for the best interpretation of contemporary Music.